Sunday, February 20, 2011

The cliff

I realized (or rather, was told) that the earlier version of this comic didn't make a lot of sense. At least, it wasn't clear what exactly they were fucking with me about - was the cliff not real, or was the cliff real and I HAD seen it, I just thought I had made it up in my dream, etc. So I made a few edits in an attempt at greater clarity (there's no cliff, why would there be). But then I was told by somebody else that they appreciated the subtlety of the earlier version. Now I'm all going back and forth, even though the real point here, I think, is "There are only two people out there who have any opinion at all about this comic."

So here's the new version, and the old version is under the cut, and if you're reading this, please let me know which you prefer.


Here's the old version.